The advantage of DMTO technology
The advantage of DMTO technology    Time:2010-10-09 10:29    column:Technology

DMTO technology is in a leading position in the world. 10kta-scale MTO industrial experiment unit have been successfully run, and the appraisal of the DMTO industrial experiment project was achieved.

The industrial scale-up of new special catalyst with independent intellectual property rights, the engineering design of the experiment unit, the R&D of the engineering technology and commercial conditions test have been achieved in the DMTO industrial experiment.    

The process of the industrial experiment unit is scientific, the running of that is safe and reliable, the technical indicators are advanced. It is the first 10kta-scale MTO industrial experiment unit, and it is the innovative technology with complete intellectual property rights.

Experts team of on site evaluation acknowledges:The industrial experiment plant is the innovative technology which possessed the complete intellectual property. The plant runs steadily, safely and reliably, it is the only 10kta-sclae industrial experiment plant for MTO in the world.

At present, DMTO technology has been licensed to 2 company for the commercial plant.

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